This page is for use by my advisees at Temple University. Included here are some bits and pieces I've run across that might be helpful, and you'll find more if you follow the UQ link below.

 Descriptive Stats and Such Things 

Box plots from Online Statbook (Dot-Com).

How should one handle missing data? Karen at "The Analysis Factor" offers a nice treatment of the basics here. A second and more extensive treatment is in this report from Boston University.

 Structural Equation Modeling 

The image to the right is of Barbara Byrne's book about SEM with EQS. Of course, she also has similar books dealing with AMOS and Mplus.

Model identification, including single-indicator factors.

Rescaling variables

Start values


A handful of pages about parceling from Little's 2013 text.

Here are some articles you might find helpful:

  • ✔ Bandalos (2002)
  • ✔ Little et al. (2002). To parcel or not to parcel.
  • ✔ Hagtvet & Nasser (2004)
  • ✔ Kim & Hagtvet (2003). The impact of misspecified item parceling ...
  • ✔ Little et al. (1999). On selecting indicators ...
  • ✔ Little et al. (2013). Why the items versus parcels controversy needn't be one.
  • ✔ Marsh et al. (2013). Why items parcels are (almost) never appropriate.

 Suppressor Variables 

A handful of pages about ...

Here are some articles you might find helpful.

  • ✔ Courville & Thompson (2001). Use of structure coefficients in published ...
  • ✔ Coffman & Zhong (2012). Assessing mediation using marginal structural models ...
  • ✔ Graham, Guthrie, & Thompson (2003). Consequences of not interpreting structure coefficients ...
  • ✔ MacKinnon et al. (2002). A comparison of methods to test mediation and other intervening variable effects.
  • ✔ MacKinnon, Krull, & Lockwood. (2000). Equivalence of the mediation, confounding, and suppression effect.

 Regression Analysis 

Simple regression 

With elections looming this year, one would be wise to include the most electable candidate available (photo to the right).

From the kind folks at The Minitab Blog, here is an excellent series of pages on interpreting R-squared and assessing goodness of fit.

Multiple regression 

Courtesy of the good folks at Laerd Statistics, who have a delightful habit of explaining stats extremely thoroughly and clearly, here is all you'll ever need to know about multiple regression.

OK, I can't resist since it's an election year in the US and one of the candidates really makes George W. Bush look impressively intelligent. Really. W obtained an MBA from Yale, much to the chagrin—I suspect—of the higher echelon of administrators there. That fact notwithstanding, here we have a (a) link to an interesting example concerning breakfast cereal plus an (b) explanatory page as well as the (c) healthy breakfast data file. I am delighted that they included Apple Jacks, which were my favorite as a youngster.

Logistic regression 

Also coming soon.

 Factor Analysis 

Material coming soon.


A handy primer on MANOVA

 Odds & Ends 

About that significance value ... (from

Just to have on hand, here is a chi-square table (as a pdf).

Our buddy, Excel, has some nifty analysis capabilities, one of which is ANOVA (courtesy of Excel Easy).

From the good folks at is correlation testing via Fisher transformation

Courtesy of David M. Lane, here is a good explanation of box plots, which you might well find useful.

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