Welcome to the Meiji Language Program's Summer Intensive English Seminar (hereafter cleverly known as SIES)! This seminar is, as you certainly already know, a skills course designed with the specific focus of helping students improve their skill in oral communication.

The seminar will take place from September 5th through the 15th at the Izumi campus of Meiji University.

The morning activities will focus on the movie School of Rock, a 2003 comedy starring Jack Black.

In class we will be using the following worksheets:

In Chapter 7 we'll encounter the Fleetwood Mac song called Edge of Seventeen, which students will likely not remember (since it came out in 1981, long before they were born!). The photo to the right is the front cover for the single, which was on the album Bella Donna (click the image to watch it on YouTube).

The mighty webpage for the September 2015 SIES in which we used Stand By Me. This is for reference, folks, or perhaps enlightenment.

FYI, folks: whatever became of Katie and Summer?

Just for (more) fun, here is a clip of the 10-year reunion of School of Rock

Just in case you're wondering, here are the morning classes, levels, and the respective (respected?) teachers:

  • ✔ Advanced A—Jim
  • ✔ Advanced B—David
  • ✔ Intermediate A—Merwyn
  • ✔ Intermediate B—Don
  • ✔ Intermediate C—Louise
  • ✔ Intermediate D—Sara
  • ✔ Beginner A—Steve
  • ✔ Beginner B—Hugh
  • ✔ Beginner C—Nico

In the afternoon students will be enjoying the various options we offer, which will include the following in this iteration of SIES:

  • ✔ David—Presenting Traditional Japanese Culture in English
  • ✔ Merwyn—Drama
  • ✔ Don—Newspapers
  • ✔ Nico—Discussion(s) on Culture
  • ✔ Louise—Gender, Language, and Society: Did Cinderalla "Run Like a Girl"?
  • ✔ Sara—Storytelling as Performance
  • ✔ Steve—American Pop Culture
  • ✔ Hugh—Global Issues 2016
URL: www.jimelwood.net/students/meiji/SIES/schoolofrock.html

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