Woof! Hi, my name is No-Name (long story, don't ask). Midas the Moosebrain is out looking for some watercress for lunch, so I'm filling in. I'm not a puppet, just a Hush Puppy (and I don't eat watercress). C'mon in and look around.
(32 students couldn't agree on a name—glad you asked?) Welcome to my homepage. In whatever hat you may know me, you'll probably find some related info somewhere on these pages. Feel free to browse at length, not at length, whatever... thanks for visiting. Jim


For my students out at Meiji and elsewhere, just click the Students link to continue.


The Research link will take you to some of my research interests, links, and papers.


This recent page exhibits some recent student work using Google Maps—lots of fun.


Not only a source of inspiration but also a useful research angle.

English at Play

Go here for English in some of its many quises...as puzzles, as poems—in short (as I am), as a living, breathing entity.

the Elwood World

The important things in my world.

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